Looking at the web today, you will realize that the social media is a constant feature and there is no doubt that it is an important tool for every business seeking to succeed. Customer purchasing decisions and perceptions are being influenced by the social media and this has seen Google and Bing incorporate social signals comprehensively as a part of their ranking strategy. It is therefore wise not to ignore this avenue as social conversations are generating a buzz that is powerful and advantageous.

We seek to take advantage of this as we turn your visitors into sales leads while at the same time developing a significant following of broadcasters who further the progress of your company. Our solutions and approaches Isaac Founder have a concrete return on investment and offer results that increase traffic, sales and returns for our customers.

How we can work with you for success


Social media management can be demanding taking over all your time and especially if you want to strengthen your presence online. A team-based technique is necessary and this should be coupled with continuous efforts. Most companies lack expertise and the time required to build social media presence on their own. Much effort is required to monitor follower and competitor activity and invent new methods of engagement.

We embrace different social media management strategies such as content creation, content distribution scheduling, and online content monitoring and developing an appeal around the same. Our team interrelates with thousands of people every day helping you identify your audience and build meaningful relationships with them. Doing this can be burdensome and only a dedicated team can help do this and this is where we come in helping your business to grow.


Social media engagement works in different structures beyond content posting and comments. There is a need to run polls, analysis, coupon addition and using graphics and videos as a way of encouraging interactions and enticing your fans to keep on coming back. To keep your customer interest high, you will need to introduce variety in your social media campaign. Once your audience sees that you have various ways of sharing content in fascinating ways, the view you as reliable, useful and interesting and this will attract their retweets, likes or a +1.

Using polls, games and surveys in your social media interaction approaches will help break down reserved communication barriers thus helping you to determine what interests your audience thus being able to style and acclimatize your messages through these tactics to create a vibrant and engaged fan base while keeping your social media platform participation at an all time high.



You will never know whether your business efforts are succeeding or not if you do not have business intelligence. Isaac Founder group seeks to provide clients with comprehensive analytic statements about their social media actions thus being able to establish whether they are succeeding in generating traffic, leads and reliable fan base that convert to customers ultimately.

We value transparency when dealing with our customers and by offering social media analytics, we stand a better position to offer guidance on what can be of help and what cannot. 


We use different social media activity stats in order to give our clients a clear representation of what is happening using a bottom-up or top-down method when informing our clients. Our services are cost-effective and always seek to provide our clients with what they need without straining their budget. Our social media marketing packages are reasonably priced and available to almost any company seeking to set up and sustain a reliable online presence.