There is no longer anything like pure search when it comes to SEO. There are many factors that have changed the way search is managed including the social media.


There is no contradiction to say that Google still remains the most formidable search engine the world over both in the number of visits and reliability. Over 84 percent of all internet users visit Google globally and thus the reason as to why you must take advantage of the big numbers. In addition to the high number of visitors, Google registered more than USD $42.5 billion in advertisement revenues in 2012 while Yahoo and Bing, their major competitors trailing behind as they try to make headways. Google has used this success to empower their key search product thus turning SEO approach into a more complex business.

Google have a target and it is good as they intend to give more significant and personal search results. This however means that digital advertisers should start combining their efforts for more successful marketing. Google no longer rank sites and pages based on inbound links only and content has become essential with many other factors contributing to this with the social media playing a role.

An eConsultancy report released in 2012 suggested that many businesses (57 percent) look at social media and search separately and only 19 percent use the services of the same agency to handle both aspects. The question is, have you integrated your advertisement plans?


Our responsibilities entail what pure search agencies do but we also take it further through our integrated approach. We have a professional team of social media, content marketing and search who work together hand in hand to pool resources thus achieving the most advantageous blend of approach.



Our precedent priorities and services include the following:

  • Thinking through your business objectives

  • Competitor spend and targets

  • 360 search value assessment

  • Research on keywords and estimation of market potential and volume 

  • Key Performance Indicators and target setting

  • Setting search in extended digital advertising approach

  • Natural search approach and administration

  • Paid search approach and administration 

  • Domain plans 

  • Mobile search approaches

  • Site and page streamlining, content review and on-site optimization

  • Link building

  • Content development, creation and management

  • Social media integration

  • Analytics and interpretation 

  • Article distribution 

  • Test and refine

  • Conversion optimization for Pay Per Click