Email still ranks as one of the most essential marketing strategies for many marketers today. However, the approach has drastically changed.

More than 90 percent marketers consider email to be strategically important to their business, according to the recent DMA survey. This is in addition to the 67 percent ROI who consider email to be the best tactic while 72 percent consider it key in developing lasting and advantageous relationships.


Undoubtedly, email is still instrumental although refreshing needs to be done from time to time if you are to register the desired results. Incorporation is important and your email must be compatible with social media, search engine and feed off a combined content strategy. You can greatly reduce the cost and enhance effectiveness of your emails by automating sections of your client lifecycle.

The use of smartphone has also enhanced the way people can access emails with over 90% users being able to operate the same account using both desktops and mobile phones. It is estimated that 38 percent of emails are accessed using cellular phones. Unfortunately, many firm owners are not prepared to use this strategy and you should not be one of them.


We provide you with planning information and the most up-to-date strategies while at the same time offering continuous email program administration and especially if you wish to subcontract. We also run our own email platform by the name enabler, which gives us an edge when it comes to design, configuration and maintenance of automated software process programs, management of all practical facets of implementations. This involves a number of techniques that help achieve the desired results in email marketing.



  • Creating email marketing strategy and setting it in a broader digital platform.

  • Email communication assessments

  • Email data organization, customer profiling and invention and communication of significant data patterns.

  • Continuous program administration and email campaign.

  • Email Direct Marketing (eDM) lead generation

  • Email outlines design and development.

  • Direct response copywriting and systems that produce quick results.

  • Preset life-cycle and trigger programs

  • Brand and customer fostering campaigns.

  • Segment communication scheduling

  • Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

  • User preference solutions.

  • Content production including sector consultants and team of writers.

  • Content planning

  • Enterprise email platform known as Enabler

  • Receptive plan for landing pages and emails.

  • Key Performance Indicator setting and analytics.